Improve Your Smile Cosmetic dentistry is an art and a science

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Follow up to yesterday's post. The two centrals are the porcelain veneers. Fantastic patient. Excellent result. ­čśü #dentist #estheticdentistry #porcelainveneers #emax #smile #powerofporcelain

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The evolution of a new smile! Precise planning leads to beautiful results. We create a #digitalsmiledesign based on our initial records and conversations with our patient. The lab then fabricates amazing #porcelainveneers that are then tried in and bonded into place. It was a challenging case to correct the proportions and increase how much of the front teeth show when she smiles without moving everything orthodontically (which she considered but declined). Biology, function and esthetics combine for a beautiful new smile. #estheticdentistry #aestheticdentistry #restorativedentistry #dentistry #beforeandafter #veneers

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#porcelainveneers done after #invisalign to rejuvenate a worn smile in a way that is functional, natural looking and beautiful #estheticdentistry #dentistry #restorativedentistry #veneers

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Fun case of #porcelainveneers that we completed recently. Texture, translucency and characterization help to create a more natural look. #smile #restorativedentistry #dentistry #estheticdentistry #slo #sanluisobispo

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Ready to go! I'm excited to see these #porcelainveneers in place! We are using these veneers to correct discoloration, wear and a cant that created an uneven smile. Final pics soon! #veneers #restorativedentistry #estheticdentistry #dentistry

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Your smile is one of your most important features.  It is one of the first things that someone else notices and can play an important role in self-image and self-esteem.  Dentistry is continually evolving to provide more advanced treatment options for achieving a healthy, beautiful bright smile.

Smile Design: Combining Art & Science

Creating a new smile that is uniquely your own and still exudes natural beauty while functioning properly and comfortably involves a thorough and systematic process. Case planning for smile design is critical to success. We like to be conservative in our planning and treatment so as to conserve as much strong, natural tooth structure as possible. Only after a thorough analysis, a functional and esthetic plan is created. If you have questions, concerns or desires about your smile, please let us know!

If you are considering cosmetic dental treatment, try asking yourself a few simple questions:

  • Do you hesitate when you smile?

  • Are you unhappy with the color of your smile?

  • Do you want to look your best in social or professional situations?

  • Are you ready to improve any dental imperfections you may have?

  • Do you want to feel more confident when you smile?


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